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Today was an Ikea day for us. Its a bit of an event for us the kids run wild testing out the furniture and getting coo’d at by Japanese people the entire time. My oldest quickly made friends in the store with a pair of little boys that were about his age and very eager to use their English on him. They would run over and blurt out “thank you” then giggle and run away. My oldest seems to shrug off the attention from the adults (I am not sure that I fault him for ignoring them as on days like today he probably had 50+ people come up and pet his hair or tell him hes cute although I do try and prompt him into saying thank you and bye) The bug on the other hand eats it up He just loves all the attention he gets.

Anyway what I was originally meant to post about was the stark difference in seatbelt laws here in Japan. I noticed that they seem not to exist over here. Today while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the way to Ikea I happened to be behind a minivan with a 6 or 7 year old girl in the back of the van….building a fort in the car! No really she had a blanket she was stretching out like a tent in the back seat wondering from one side of the car to the other to do so and when she got it exactly where she wanted it she climbed inside. Also most Japanese moms that I know will carry their infants on their laps in a vehicle regardless of whether there is a car seat for the baby or not. Also while watching this little girl in the van in front of us build a fort I was passed by several family’s with unbelted children. A couple with children as young as my boys (I couldn’t even imagine what would happen if I let my boys run loose in the car while I drove. My 2 year old would probably immediately jump onto my lap and “help” me drive. With all of this said I have noticed “seatbelt campaign” signs on the highways here. So who knows either people totally disregard the law or maybe buckling up is only a suggestion here in Japan.


New Sewing Machine

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My new sewing machine arrived the other day and what a Joy. It is the Kenmore 110 stitch model and I must say I was a bit more than pleased with my self when I traveled to Yuzawaya the other day and played around with a Janome machine almost completely identical for close to $700 more than I paid for my machine from sears. I did quite a bit of research before I purchased my machine but I didn’t realize exactly what a great deal I was getting until I could physically compare my machine to the ones sold here in Japan.

I think people overlook the Kenmore brand but honestly their customer service has been great so far and feature for feature you can’t beat the price and the warranty is actually a bit better than what you get at a high end dealer a full 25 year parts warranty and a 90 money back guarantee. The machines stitches are so solid it reminded me of my friends 40 year old Viking. The machine is also incredibly easy to use any beginner could jump right on and start using it. I think the only pitfall if you could call it that is that the horizontal spool pin and bobbin winding system takes a bit of getting used to. But once you get it figured out its no problem whatsoever.

In other news I finally got my etsy shop up and running I am very excited and very nervous as well. I had my first sale this week and was a bit blown away at international shipping rates I ate quite a large fee and had to immediately fix my rates. Other than that I am very optimistic. Wish me well!

First I would like to direct you to the link over to your left I just found it today and every time you click on it one of the websites sponsors donates to fight hunger. I encourage everyone who has some sort of web medium like a webpage or blog to add one to their site and help spread the word.(also dont forget to actually click on the link 🙂

Back to my original post subject I am going to start a part time etsy shop. Mainly to sell off fabric that I bought and find I am not using. But I will take occasional charity cases where if you find something on superbuzzy and just can’t swallow that insane $17/ yard price tag I will see if I can find it here at a more reasonable price. I hope to get a couple of listings up this week I still need to check with the local post office for shipping rates and I need the sun to shine for a bit so I can take some photos but aside from that I think I am ready to go. I guess I also need to start shopping with a notepad handy so I can write down fabric content and designer names (assuming I can read them).

Last but not least Tonight I tried making a traditional Japanese dinner that turned out to be a big hit with my 2 year old. It is also a very versitile dish for vegetarians and a nice alternative to Japans typical courses that all seem to be raw or deep fried. (for a generally slim culture they really like their fried foods) The dish is called omuraisu which basically means a rice omlette. There are many ways to make it there are entire resturants that serve only omuraisu dishes traditionally they use ketchup in the rice but I am going to work up a little tutorial with how I like it best.

Ok thats it for me tonight. Remember to click to fight hunger!

Ps: Does anyone know how to make a photo link blogroll? I simply can not get the links sized right.

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