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Vote Pendant

Originally uploaded by Amanda Lockrow

Are you a cool mama? Then you need some funky jewelry. This super cool pendant happens to be made by my super cool sister. And best of all it isn’t made from a scrabble tile although she does manage to use just about every other medium under the sun in her pieces everything from pearls and silver to fabric and funky beads. She has recently been featured in too many blogs to count and in print ads as well. How cool is that? She deserves it because she really is super talented. I own a few of her pieces and really love them my Favorite is my spiraling home necklace you can see it here I love the simplicity of it and the small pearl detail on the chain. Now to stop putting off making my sons halloween costume…oh hmm I see some fabric that needs to be erm folded and sorted by color maybe ill get to finishing the costume tomorrow.


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