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Your bike starts to take root. This was one of the many fun and amusing things I saw this past weekend on my trip to Nippori with my neighbors. They are wonderful people and I had a great time and was even able to help a bit in translating here and there. Even though my Japanese is somewhat hit or miss when It comes to fabric I know every term in the book lol. There are oh so many things I have been meaning to blog about and I have been so insanely busy that I never actually managed to make the time. so I will summarize

I went camping with my family it was an awesome trip an just the downtime we all needed. Even if there were wild boars digging around our tent at night (which totally freaked me out)

I bought a new computer and am running a Mac now and have no idea how to use the darn thing but it really is a pretty machine I love that there is one cord the power cord and that is all my not so trusty PC had about 75 cords sticking out of it and I am almost certain it should have caused my house to burn down so I am more than happy to be rid of it even if I am more than a little slow when it comes to my mac. Just the other day I managed to loose an entire document . I write a newsletter for a NPO and since I was moving everything I had to start the newsletter from scratch on my mac I mean type out almost everything and make templates and try and find appropriate art I had it nearly finished and *poof* it disappeared. Either I did not save it or I saved it to a location unbeknownst to me or gremlins came in the middle of the night and erased it (Im betting on the latter)

I had a chance to try english paper piecing for the first time last friday at quilt group. I love it and I love quilting more and more each day. But I think I am the only person out there that can make paper piecing come out uneven oops.

I am also doing alterations on a ball gown and am both quite intimidated and impressed with myself at the same time! Who knew I had it in me to try it…espically because it isn’t my dress I am trying it on. But so far so good I am taking a dress with sleeves and making it sleeveless. Wish me luck!

And last but not least I have a ball to go to this week! Woo Hoo its being held at a very fancy hotel and best of all we get to stay the night at the hotel! The hotel also houses my favorite resturant here in Japan the service at the resturant is unbeatable and the food is fantastic.

ok so its past midnight and my bedtime hopefully I will get a bit better about blogging before I forget most of the main details.


Sept Fabric

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Suzuko koseki is my new favorite designer and obviously she is very inspired by the zakka movement here in Japan. I think I love all of these fabrics equally. I am thinking of selling these as a set maybe a FQ bundle. I really wish I could get entire bolts I am going to start to do some online investigating.

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