Fabric for Tia

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well I finally did it and opened an etsy shop to appease my husband. I am a bit overwhelmed I didn’t realize exactly how complicated this little venture would be. Marketing, Shipping charges, Pricing, Photographs and all the little details like what to package things in I have to put everything in a waterproof barrier just in case. I feel bad it seems a bit wasteful to double pack things. Another problem is the language barrier with the postal service that can be interesting.

I also hold a board position in my spouses club and really really need to get working on our newsletter. Do you ever wish you could physically divide yourself to get more work done?

This morning I have a Japanese lesson with my children. Then Lunch with my awesome husband. Then a trip to the gym while the kids nap. When I get back I have to start working on a newsletter my goal is to get it about halfway done. Then maybe get the kids outside for a bit if it isn’t sweltering cook dinner & get everyone fed. Then after dinner I hope to go check out our Buddhist service on post, and hopefully when I get back home I can get a few more listings up on etsy so…woo-hoo thats going to be my day today! If you are a mom as well it probably sounds similar to yours in many ways. Not to mention any time I am on the computer one of my children manages to find a spot on my lap to “assist” me this is even more helpful when its my 10 month old who loves to smack the buttons on the keyboard he has even “helped” a bit with this blog entry. Its almost 9 am time to get going.

Leave a comment on any post for a 10% discount in my shop on your first order. Mention your blog comment in the message to the seller when you check out and I will refund you the 10%.

Hope you all have a great day!

You can find my shop at tokyomommy.etsy.com