So as promised here is a pseudo recipie for one of my favorite japanese dishes.

The dish is called omuraisu and traditonally it is simple rice fried with ketchup and chicken with an omlette on top or the rice folded into the omlette.

But thats a bit boring for me and I am more fond of the dishes I have found here with an italian twist.

2 c. rice
3/4 c. tomato sauce
1/4 c. heavy cream
add in vegetable or meat of your choosing
4 eggs

cook rice as directed. pan fry your add ins. add in the rice sauce and cream. cook for a couple minutes and set aside.

take the eggs and make an omlette.

Place omlette on top of the rice mixture.

This recipie is so versatile and best of all its easily adapted to be vegetarian. It went over very well with My 2 year old he scarfed down a big plate full in minutes.
Maybe a bigger hit than mac and cheese with him.

Good Luck! Get Creative almost anything will work with this dish!