First I would like to direct you to the link over to your left I just found it today and every time you click on it one of the websites sponsors donates to fight hunger. I encourage everyone who has some sort of web medium like a webpage or blog to add one to their site and help spread the word.(also dont forget to actually click on the link 🙂

Back to my original post subject I am going to start a part time etsy shop. Mainly to sell off fabric that I bought and find I am not using. But I will take occasional charity cases where if you find something on superbuzzy and just can’t swallow that insane $17/ yard price tag I will see if I can find it here at a more reasonable price. I hope to get a couple of listings up this week I still need to check with the local post office for shipping rates and I need the sun to shine for a bit so I can take some photos but aside from that I think I am ready to go. I guess I also need to start shopping with a notepad handy so I can write down fabric content and designer names (assuming I can read them).

Last but not least Tonight I tried making a traditional Japanese dinner that turned out to be a big hit with my 2 year old. It is also a very versitile dish for vegetarians and a nice alternative to Japans typical courses that all seem to be raw or deep fried. (for a generally slim culture they really like their fried foods) The dish is called omuraisu which basically means a rice omlette. There are many ways to make it there are entire resturants that serve only omuraisu dishes traditionally they use ketchup in the rice but I am going to work up a little tutorial with how I like it best.

Ok thats it for me tonight. Remember to click to fight hunger!

Ps: Does anyone know how to make a photo link blogroll? I simply can not get the links sized right.