So recently I have been asked by lots of people if I sell my fabric. I have been going back and forth about whether I should do this or not. Mostly because I am nervous…There is a great possibility that I am over thinking this. First I worry about Taxes I think that would be alot of record keeping on my end…also I know in Japan unless you make more than $5000 you don’t have to file but I am pretty sure it would be us taxes I would be paying. I am not sure about export laws (no clue whatsoever) I tried looking it up and found nothing that really applied to my situation. My sister is an etsy seller and I know she gets frustrated when stay at home moms such as myself severely undercut the prices of artists such as herself whose art is their income. So pricing is an issue I have no idea what I should charge per meter. Or maybe I should just not worry about any of that and just post up a couple of meters that I have lying around.

So in other news…I finished the quilt top for my friends new baby girl.
Quilt top for baby Tate
I now have to back bind and quilt it But I am terrified of the quilting process. I really really hope I get my new sewing machine soon. I know that machine is a bit more equipped to do machine quilting than my current one. (the feed dogs actually drop on that machine)