I can not describe this place nor take good enough photos to do Nippori Justice.  It is absoutly a fabric addicts dream and my husbands wallets worst nightmare.   I have more fabric than I know what to do with and yet I constantly find myself in situations too tempting to resist.  The streets of Nippori japans fabric district are just brimming with beautiful fabric at highly discounted prices (my favorite part)  There is just store after store stuffed to the hilt and overflowing in boxes and piles into the street.  It is part fantasy part adventure.  You never know exactly what you might find and where you will find it…its almost overwhelming.  I fell in love instantly with some silky soft Chirimen

chirimen from nippori

Its soft wrinkles and vibrant colors just drew me in the instant I saw it.  I am thinking of using it to back a quilt after I saw a pre quilted version that was also just stunning.   well enough of my babbling here are some photos they speak volumes compared to my rambling.

the ever famous tomato

tomatos 100 yen/ meter store