I made my first baby toy today It was incredibly simple and lots of fun to make thank goodness I took photos of the wonky little thing BEFORE handing it over to my munchkins because it was covered in ketchup within minutes due to my gourmet dinner of fish sticks and french fries and my 2 year olds mad dash of jealousy after said dinner to inspect his baby brothers recent acquisition.  Any way it isn’t perfect as nothing that I make is quite perfect considering I have no verify-able sewing skills just a jumble of ideas on how to do things because I am without a teacher and my last home ec class was maybe 15 years ago.  But I have fun reading blogs and tutorials and trying to guess what my Japanese sewing books are telling me to do for that matter I often have to guess what patterns written in Englishare telling me to do.  Tonight’s little project was easy even for me and I really enjoyed embroidering it. 

Terry Teether Toy

I found the pattern in one of my favorite japanese craft books by ondori called Organic Cotton Akachan

adorable ideas in this book

I have a ton of these books and I have to say I think this one is my favorite probably because its mainly for little boys and my little ones both happen to be boys.


So aside from my slacker dinner and crafty couple minutes tonight my main concern/ problem recently has been trying to find a new sewing machine.   It is absolutely driving me insane.

I would really love a new Janome or eep maybe even a Bernia but both are not really options for me right now.  I would not buy either without a local dealer and lessons on the machine the whole shabang.  I would buy a lower end Janome not the 6260QC that I have my eye on but even a lower end machine is out because here in Japan they are outrageous and the voltage is different so a machine that runs for about $200 in the US is $800-$900 here in Japan its totally nuts.  Because of this pricey conundrum Janome has a contract with US dealers so they can’t sell their machines to people overseas.  I refuse to Pay $900 for something that I know I can get for $200 so that leaves me with 2 options A Kenmore or a used machine.  But Apparently the sears corporation is out to stifle my buying efforts and they refuse to put their machines on sale *argh* But a month or two ago when I didn’t have the money on hand they had almost all of their machines discounted hundreds of dollars.  I have been trying to be patient but It may be the death of me.  Well that’s enough for now I stayed up until 2 am yesterday rearranging my living room so I am dead tired at this point and not entirely sure why I am still awake.