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First I would like to direct you to the link over to your left I just found it today and every time you click on it one of the websites sponsors donates to fight hunger. I encourage everyone who has some sort of web medium like a webpage or blog to add one to their site and help spread the word.(also dont forget to actually click on the link ūüôā

Back to my original post subject I am going to start a part time etsy shop. Mainly to sell off fabric that I bought and find I am not using. But I will take occasional charity cases where if you find something on superbuzzy and just can’t swallow that insane $17/ yard price tag I will see if I can find it here at a more reasonable price. I hope to get a couple of listings up this week I still need to check with the local post office for shipping rates and I need the sun to shine for a bit so I can take some photos but aside from that I think I am ready to go. I guess I also need to start shopping with a notepad handy so I can write down fabric content and designer names (assuming I can read them).

Last but not least Tonight I tried making a traditional Japanese dinner that turned out to be a big hit with my 2 year old. It is also a very versitile dish for vegetarians and a nice alternative to Japans typical courses that all seem to be raw or deep fried. (for a generally slim culture they really like their fried foods) The dish is called omuraisu which basically means a rice omlette. There are many ways to make it there are entire resturants that serve only omuraisu dishes traditionally they use ketchup in the rice but I am going to work up a little tutorial with how I like it best.

Ok thats it for me tonight. Remember to click to fight hunger!

Ps: Does anyone know how to make a photo link blogroll? I simply can not get the links sized right.


First Mei Tai

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I made My very first mei tai today! I am pretty happy with how it came out even despite my whimpy sewing machine. I used a great tutorial from the christmas eve twins blog
I started making this one 3 or 4 months ago then shoved it into my pile of half finished projects. So I finished it up finally only to find I need to make another because the fabrics I used are more suitable for fall and winter months. But I have so many other projects I want to try…I really would love to make my boys some quilts using that great eric carle fabric and the MM Dick and Jane prints which would allow me to do the room in bright primary colors which in turn means I could use some of that great Ikea childrens furniture.

My youngest son is 9 months old now and I finally resigned to go to the Gym again. My neighbor and I are going to start Monday wish me luck (lol). Back when we were living back in the states I took my amazing gym for granted they were trendy they had a daycare and a spa I even had a trainer and yet somehow I refused to utilize this wonderful place. But now I have a babysitter scheduled to come over every weekday so I have no excuse. What I wouldn’t give to have the body I hated back in highschool again. If I only knew back then what my body would do to me after having children.

Anyway here is the website for the Tutorial

Originally uploaded by tokyo mommy

I finally made it to the Ghibli and what an amazing place it was. I can now no longer get enough of their adorable cartoons. My son was absoutely enthralled. The entire museum was both Interactive and visually stimulating. If you ever happen to travel to Japan with children I suggest making a spot for this museum on your agenda.  If you have a spare momment I would definatly suggest watching a clip of My Neighbor Totoro.  The film is adorable.  The only part of the museum visit aside from the slightly confusing train ride to get there was you have to pre purchase the tickets at any Lawsons (Japanese convience store) They have ticket centers but you can always just print up some info from and then just show it to the store clerk and use alot of hand motions and facial expressions. 


Well anyway here is a clip of the movie and some more photos of the museum.

Gardens Near the Straw Hat Cafe
Gardens Near the Straw Hat Cafe

My son Losing his way
My son Losing his way

There were a litter of kittens living under the Cafe's deck
There were a litter of kittens living under the Cafe’s deck

A Glimpse of the exhibit
A Glimpse of the exhibit

I just can't post this without a shot of the Giant Robot statue
I just can’t post this without a shot of the Giant Robot statue

So recently I have been asked by lots of people if I sell my fabric. I have been going back and forth about whether I should do this or not. Mostly because I am nervous…There is a great possibility that I am over thinking this. First I worry about Taxes I think that would be alot of record keeping on my end…also I know in Japan unless you make more than $5000 you don’t have to file but I am pretty sure it would be us taxes I would be paying. I am not sure about export laws (no clue whatsoever) I tried looking it up and found nothing that really applied to my situation. My sister is an etsy seller and I know she gets frustrated when stay at home moms such as myself severely undercut the prices of artists such as herself whose art is their income. So pricing is an issue I have no idea what I should charge per meter. Or maybe I should just not worry about any of that and just post up a couple of meters that I have lying around.

So in other news…I finished the quilt top for my friends new baby girl.
Quilt top for baby Tate
I now have to back bind and quilt it But I am terrified of the quilting process. I really really hope I get my new sewing machine soon. I know that machine is a bit more equipped to do machine quilting than my current one. (the feed dogs actually drop on that machine)

I can not describe this place nor take good enough photos to do Nippori Justice.¬† It is absoutly a fabric addicts dream and my husbands wallets worst nightmare.¬†¬† I have more fabric than I know what to do with and yet I constantly find myself in situations too tempting to resist.¬† The streets of Nippori japans fabric district are just brimming with beautiful fabric at highly discounted prices (my favorite part)¬† There is just store after store stuffed to the hilt and overflowing in boxes and piles into the street.¬† It is part fantasy part adventure.¬† You never know exactly what you might find and where you will find it…its almost overwhelming.¬† I fell in love instantly with some silky soft Chirimen

chirimen from nippori

Its soft wrinkles and vibrant colors just drew me in the instant I saw it.  I am thinking of using it to back a quilt after I saw a pre quilted version that was also just stunning.   well enough of my babbling here are some photos they speak volumes compared to my rambling.

the ever famous tomato

tomatos 100 yen/ meter store

So its official there are no children left in my family my youngest sister just graduated from bennington this past week. 

Kim with Diploma

She is all grown up and now I feel even older.¬†¬† She dosen’t even look like a child anymore.¬† Who is this grown woman and where did my snotty little sister go.¬† I need to get her out to visit us in Japan.

I made my first baby toy today It was incredibly simple and lots of fun to make thank goodness I took photos of the wonky little thing BEFORE handing it over to my munchkins because it was covered in ketchup within minutes due to my gourmet dinner of fish sticks and french fries and my 2 year olds mad dash of jealousy after said dinner to inspect his baby brothers recent acquisition.¬† Any way it isn’t perfect as nothing that I make is quite perfect considering I have no verify-able sewing skills just a jumble of ideas on how to do things because I am without a teacher and my last home ec class was maybe 15 years ago.¬† But I have fun reading blogs and tutorials and trying to guess what my Japanese sewing books are telling me to do for that matter I often have to guess what patterns written in¬†Englishare telling me to do.¬† Tonight’s little project was easy even for me and I really enjoyed embroidering it.¬†

Terry Teether Toy

I found the pattern in one of my favorite japanese craft books by ondori called Organic Cotton Akachan

adorable ideas in this book

I have a ton of these books and I have to say I think this one is my favorite probably because its mainly for little boys and my little ones both happen to be boys.


So aside from my slacker dinner and crafty couple minutes tonight my main concern/ problem recently has been trying to find a new sewing machine.   It is absolutely driving me insane.

I would really love a new Janome or eep maybe even a Bernia but both are not really options for me right now.¬† I would not buy either without a local dealer and lessons on the machine the whole shabang.¬† I would buy a lower end Janome not the 6260QC that I have my eye on but even a lower end machine is out because here in Japan they are outrageous and the voltage is different so a machine that runs for about $200 in the US is $800-$900 here in Japan its totally nuts.¬† Because of this pricey conundrum Janome has a contract with US dealers so they can’t sell their machines to people overseas.¬† I refuse to Pay $900 for something that I know I can get for $200 so that leaves me with 2 options A Kenmore or a used machine.¬† But Apparently the sears corporation is out to stifle my buying efforts and they refuse to put their machines on sale *argh* But a month or two ago when I didn’t have the money on hand they had almost all of their machines discounted hundreds of dollars.¬† I have been trying to be patient but It may be the death of me.¬† Well that’s enough for now I stayed up until 2 am yesterday rearranging my living room so I am dead tired at this point and not entirely sure why I am still awake.

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