I started blogging using blogger but I was not a fan of the layout nor fond of the fact that every time I tried to log in the page came up in Japanese which forced me to start reading the katakana syllable by syllable like a 3rd grader until I found the option to change languages.  I eventually just stopped blogging because it was driving me nuts ( Although I’m sure a more computer savy person would have figured it out much faster than I ) 

I also love that when I moved my blog there was a option to import all my old posts from blogger.  When I made the jump I noticed that I had comments on my blog *gasp* I really thought I was just ranting to myself.   There is really something neat about knowing other people are interested in what you have to say or show because god knows my husband could care less about my crafting and ranting.   A nice feature is with wordpress they send you an e-mail notifying you have comments woo-hoo!  (Another thing I’m sure blogger had but I was just too dimwitted to find) So I am basically just thrilled that WordPress is Idiot proof.

Moving on…The hubby and I went to Kamakura a couple days ago we went to see the biggest shrine there.  My husband managed to get some great photos.

Tsurugaoka hachiman-gu shrine

Temple Carving

He took forever trying to get this shot without other visitors and tourists in it there is actually a man behind the statue but my husband managed to shoot it at just the right time and angle to hide him behind it.  Hes so clever 🙂

temple guardian

so he managed to get most of the shots of the temple I was more interested in shooting a video of my son chasing the pigeons around but I managed to get a few of the local plant life.

One of the shots is of a most unusual tree the Ginkgo tree.    The Temple was built in 1063 (almost 1000 years ago somewhat mind blowing)  especially hard to tell with all the new coats of paint on the temple none the less the temple is incredibly old.  The tree was used as a hiding place for the assassin of the third shogun in 1219.

great ginko tree 

I photographed it because of its unusual leaves and found out about its importance later. the tree is the one to the left of the great staircase and has to be close to 5 stories tall.

tsurugaoka hachiman-gu

This temple wall was about the only thing that actually looked like it could be 1000 years old.

temple scenery

It is truly fantastic to be able to walk through such historic sites like this.  When I was little I used to play in the ruins of fort Williams the park at Portland head light.  I thought those ruins were ancient yet this temple was more than 700 years older than the ones I played in as a child.