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We had a combined Birthday party over the weekend for Noah and his Birthday twin Lucy…And Oh what a blast! It was Cake, Animals and Arts and Crafts Galore. Noah was all smiles and full of sugar by the end. So much of my thanks goes to Leanne for planning all the wonderful activities she did such an amazing job the children were so well occupied that I don’t think a single meltdown….which is amazing when dealing with a bunch of sugared up two year olds.



Daddy helping out on the treasure hunt.
treasure safari
I wonder if Noah knows yet what a great dad he has?

Blissfully Devouring some Cake

I did most of the food prep but again Leanne took care of the cake and what a cool cake it was!
safari cake

I found this beautiful linen at Okadaya the other day and absoutlely could not wait to make something from it. I ended up with a beautiful little dress and a little boxy pouch. I have attempted clothing before but none has really come out the right size or it just ended up being too wonky to put on my child. But finally I have something worthy of being worn! I am so excited with the way it came out. The funny thing is that I did not follow the patterns directions. I wasn’t thrilled with the way they constructed the bodice it was a bit long and confusing. So instead of the many many steps they required I just faced the lining to the front and back pieces respectively then stitched along the neck and arm holes then turned it right side out faced the front and back pieces to eachother and stitched up the sides. It just seemed easier and more logical to me.

I really love this fabric!

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