I should really be in bed but I had to do a quick post. I took a trip to okadaya today my absolute favorite fabric store in Japan. And I spent way to much money on incredibly cute fabric. But what he dosen’t know can’t hurt him right? They have really cute pul here which is neat because im about to make a bunch of cloth diapers for my boys. Heres the PUL I bought: Well more specifically training pants for my oldest and diapers for Alex. I was really happy to have Mary along with me today she taught me how to read the kanji on the content label of the fabric (I can now tell if something is cotton linen poly or a blend!)

we got to walk around in the open markets a bit…I got to see alot of petrefied fish (actually fish dried & whole meant for snacking) I also found out that a bag of kidney beans…plain kidney beans nothing special about them at all can cost you 8 dollars a bag on the economy here.
After our fabric shopping and wandering we stopped for some sushi which im almost embarassed to say was my first time eating sushi at a traditional table here in Japan (why haven’t I done this sooner?) but the sushi was great now if only I could get my husband to do something like that with me.

Back to the fabric I think I wanted to buy every print in the store…But I settled on these:

Also here are a few pictures of some of my more recent creations!
A sling for Alex:

A Taggie Blanket for him as well:

And a Little diaper and wipee case to keep my purse neat: