So I have been keeping busy this past week by finishing up little projects for the boys. I’m still working out the kinks on most of my projects because I’m an absolute novice seamstress. I absolutely cannot wait until my grandmother arrives here being that she is an actual seamstress and hopefully she can impart some of her knowledge on me. Today I went to a nearby recycle shop and picked up a few t-shirts to applique..I plan on giving Noah a couple of special big brother gifts for when his brother arrives one of those will be a t-shirt to let everyone know that he is The Big Brother!

I did manage to finish one of the crib blankets the boys are sharing the nursery so I wanted to coordinate their bedding. I am a big cheat though the crib blanket looks like a quilt when in fact its just a quilt top cut from some wonderful fabric I found in a little shop nearby.

My other little project was a tiny bib made from some cute alphabet fabric and some minky fabric I had lying around now I just need to make a matching burp cloth.

This blog makes me realize how sad my little camera is I think its time to upgrade.