I have been living in Japan for a few months now and decided to start a blog to record all of the neat things I come across while I am here and my progress in my new hobby sewing. Life here is so utterly and completely different from life back in the states. I love to shop..back in the states I would just head to a mall but here malls are few and far between when shopping in Japan you are more likely to encounter streets lined with shops that look like this..

And more often than not as you pass the shops there will be someone trying to hand you a flyer or barking the details of the stores current sales. When walking the streets in the humid 90 degree weather finally gets to you you can stop in one of the many indoor markets to grab a small soft ice or some of the local fare. The market will have many booths set up all with unique offerings and meticioulous displays. You can find just about any type of prepared food in these markets and they are wonderful.

My camera is my new best friend and I can’t wait to post more from my little adventures.