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So I have been keeping busy this past week by finishing up little projects for the boys. I’m still working out the kinks on most of my projects because I’m an absolute novice seamstress. I absolutely cannot wait until my grandmother arrives here being that she is an actual seamstress and hopefully she can impart some of her knowledge on me. Today I went to a nearby recycle shop and picked up a few t-shirts to applique..I plan on giving Noah a couple of special big brother gifts for when his brother arrives one of those will be a t-shirt to let everyone know that he is The Big Brother!

I did manage to finish one of the crib blankets the boys are sharing the nursery so I wanted to coordinate their bedding. I am a big cheat though the crib blanket looks like a quilt when in fact its just a quilt top cut from some wonderful fabric I found in a little shop nearby.

My other little project was a tiny bib made from some cute alphabet fabric and some minky fabric I had lying around now I just need to make a matching burp cloth.

This blog makes me realize how sad my little camera is I think its time to upgrade.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in Shinjuku. Aproximately 6 hours out of that was spent in one store okadaya. This store is a crafters dream. In the first building there are 5 stories of fabrics. I honestly only made it to the second floor I had already spent more than enough money at that point and my friends daughter needed to stretch her legs and get something to eat. Needless to say it wasn’t this piece of fruit that we ate $40 for a melon is a bit excessive and im not really sure that this is a melon.

So we walked around until we found a resturant with actual tables (Id say 90% of the resturants in that area have counters you eat at which dosen’t work when you have a 3 year old in tow)

I wanted to take a Photo of this massive intersection while people were crossing it but by the time I got out my camera and turned it on the light had turned and the pedestrians had cleared. Instead I got a shot of a much smaller intersection nearby.
The side streets arent that bad (for the most part) but on some of the main streets if you stop in the flow of foot traffic you will cause turmoil espically if you are anywhere within 3 blocks of the train station near rush hour.

After Getting some lunch we went back to okadaya this time we ventured into the second building. This building was dedicated entirely to tidbits. Anything you might use to embelish something. There were 7 stories in this part of the store and it was amazing. There were beads buttons sequins leather ribbon I wish I had gotten to take photos but I wasnt sure if it was ok or not since there was a sign on the bathroom door with a picture of all sorts of cameras crossed out it may have only applied to the bathroom but I didn’t want to risk it. Hopefully next time ill bring my more fluent friend and she can ask for me.

On our way back to the trains I managed to get this photo. Without causing too much havoc.

Today I couldn’t resist anymore I had to go see the 5 story craft store in Yamato called Yuzawaya. I ended up spending way too much money there and of course totally forgot my camera so I couldn’t take pictures of the area. But here are my favorite finds!

The top print is going make matching blankets for my sons. The elephants are probably going to be an applique and who knows what the alphabet is for but it was so cute I couldn’t pass on it.

I have been living in Japan for a few months now and decided to start a blog to record all of the neat things I come across while I am here and my progress in my new hobby sewing. Life here is so utterly and completely different from life back in the states. I love to shop..back in the states I would just head to a mall but here malls are few and far between when shopping in Japan you are more likely to encounter streets lined with shops that look like this..

And more often than not as you pass the shops there will be someone trying to hand you a flyer or barking the details of the stores current sales. When walking the streets in the humid 90 degree weather finally gets to you you can stop in one of the many indoor markets to grab a small soft ice or some of the local fare. The market will have many booths set up all with unique offerings and meticioulous displays. You can find just about any type of prepared food in these markets and they are wonderful.

My camera is my new best friend and I can’t wait to post more from my little adventures.

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